Pleached Hornbeams, Semi-Mature Trees, Littlebrook Nurseries, Northmoor, Witney, Oxfordshire

We still produce our unique, full pleached hornbeams (Carpinus betulus), grown in containers for year round planting. These trees have an approximate height of 4 metres. They have been formatively pruned resulting in a width of approx 1.5 metres but a depth of only 45cm, so these trees don't encroach into the neighbouring garden when used as a boundary planting. We find this method of training produces a good, dense screen (we don't use a frame).

Pleached hornbeam trees from Littlebrook Nurseries, Witney, Oxfordshire

Formative pruning of pleached hornbeams

If desired the lower branches can be removed to create the traditional 'hedge on stilts'. This is often done to show off a lovely stone wall or to facilitate underplanting.

Where the boundary is defined by a wooden fence, many of our customers prefer to retain the lower branches to provide greenery in front of their fence. This also negates the extra work involved with underplanting – the choice is yours!

Carpinus betulus (pleached hornbeam), container grown, approx 4 metres tall with a trunk girth of 20 -25cm.

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