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Mophead Limes – One of our specialities

If you are looking for an alternative to imported olive trees why not consider our home grown ‘mophead’ limes? These trees add maturity and structural interest to a planting scheme. The cultivar we use is Tilia platyphyllos Rubra. The red twigs of this lime tree stand out on crisp winter days, and in the summer the luxuriant foliage is a striking feature. These trees take many years to produce so, consequently, we have a limited number available.

Tilia platyphyllos Rubra, container grown, trained as a mophead, 4 – 5 metres tall with a trunk girth of 40-45cm.

Mophead lime planted to screen neighbouring bedroom windows

Mophead lime planted for screening in small townhouse garden, without restricting light into garden room

Mophead lime planted in small rear garden to add height and maturity

Our box balls (Buxus sempervirens) complement the round heads of the limes, while the small leaf of the box is a contrast to the large leaf of the lime.

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